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Trigear flowmeters

Representing the very latest and innovative development in the competitive arena of positive displacement flowmeters which has been unchallenged for many years. Browse ProductsBrowse Accessories

Redefining performance

The Trigear totally outperforms its competitors when it comes to the accurate metering of the majority of clean fluids including fuels, oils, additives, chemicals, food bases, paints, viscous emulsions, insecticides, alcohols and solvents whether they be pumped or gravity fed.

Representing innovation

Trigear challenges the more expensive technologies in terms of overall performance, accuracies (+/-0.25% of reading or better), repeatability (+/-0.02%) and low pressure drop (reduced by 33.3%) are three standout characteristics. Low noise generation is another bonus benefit.

Trigear benefits:


Very latest innovation for many decades (patents pending)


Custody Transfer accuracy and linearity standards (+/-0.15% of reading)


Wide turndown (less slippage, 54% more sealing characteristic)


Smoother and quieter-less vibration (balanced Trigears)


Dual Outputs (hall and reed switches) standard


No requirement for flow conditioning


Bi-Directional flow capability

Tri-gear Flowmeters are precise, reliable and rugged instruments for the measurement of volumetric flow of liquids in general industrial, petroleum and chemical applications that require high degrees of accuracy and repeatability.

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