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Visu-flo Flowmeter

The visu-flo represents the latest development in our range of flowmeters. It is the answer to an application specific requirement of a customer to be able to visually determine that flow is present whilst also transmitting to a PLC for system control and data acquisition. The visu-flo flowmeter is designed to have exceptional linearity and repeatability thus out performing its competitors in lube oil monitoring applications.

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Accurate metering

Visu-flo flowmeters are the latest development in the Trigear range of positive displacement flowmeters. They are used in critical flow applications where it is essential to identify flow is occurring locally whilst transmitting a signal to a PLC for remote monitoring. Based on the gear principle it offers outstanding features and benefits.

Designed to outperform

The Visu-flo totally out performs its competitors when it comes to the accurate metering of most clean liquids including fuels, oils, additives, chemicals, food bases, paints, viscous emulsions, insecticides, alcohols and solvents either pumped or gravity fed.



High accuracy and linearity standard (± 0.25%)


Wide turndown (less slippage, 54% more sealing characteristic)


Smoother and quieter – less vibration (balanced gears)


No requirement for flow conditioning


Bi-directional flow capability



Very latest innovation for many decades


High resolution quadrature pulse output available


Dual outputs available

Tri-gear Flowmeters are precise, reliable and rugged instruments for the measurement of volumetric flow of liquids in general industrial, petroleum and chemical applications that require high degrees of accuracy and repeatability.

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