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Hazardous Area Sensor

The ISH Model has certification to ATEX, CSA and IEC Ex standards whilst the EXH has ATEX and IEC Ex certification

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Where an alternative to a reed switch output is required, which is classified as simple apparatus as it has no energy storing components, it can be input to rate totalisers as part of their Intrinsically Safe certification.

Two Hall Effect Sensors are available which are certified either Intrinsically Safe to ATEX, CSA and IEC Ex or Explosion Proof / Flameproof to ATEX / IEC Ex standards. The output from these optional sensors is a 0-5 Volt TTL output.



Certified Intrinsically Safe to ATEX, CSA and IEC Ex


Certified Explosion Proof to ATEX / IEC Ex standards


0-5 Volt TTL output

Tri-gear Flowmeters are precise, reliable and rugged instruments for the measurement of volumetric flow of liquids in general industrial, petroleum and chemical applications that require high degrees of accuracy and repeatability.

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